Many people are deterred from starting orthodontic care for various reasons, and our team at Booth Orthodontics is so proud of you for pushing through all your doubts and “what ifs” to begin this journey with us. We’re excited to watch your smile transform with the help of braces or clear aligners!

Thanks to the latest technologies and techniques, orthodontic care is more comfortable and stress-free than ever. Even still, there are products you can use out of the office to make it even more so! Let’s take a look at some of them!

A “Fancy” Toothbrush

Have you ever gone shopping and opted for a less expensive item because the higher-priced products seemed either too good to be true or loaded with features you felt were unnecessary? You might have approached toothbrush shopping the same way.

Whether you’re wearing braces or clear aligners, you need to be able to clean your teeth and gums adequately. Right here, right now, Booth Orthodontics wants to dispel the myth that “fancy schmancy” toothbrushes are a waste of money. They can actually make a huge difference in your oral health! 

When you are an orthodontic patient, a nice toothbrush can make or break your experience. Besides keeping your orthodontic appliances in good condition and looking pretty, it also rids the mouth of bacteria, plaque, and germs which cause tooth decay, gum disease, infection and other issues. If left untreated, those concerns can cause permanent damage to your smile.

Nicer, “fancier” toothbrushes have softer bristles, automatic timers, and pressure sensors. They can effectively clean your teeth and gums while also helping you improve your routine! Ask your dentist or orthodontist for a recommendation that would suit your budget, lifestyle, and oral health needs.

A Water Flosser

During treatment, a water flosser is your best friend! Water flossers are meant to be used in addition to thread flossing and brushing and use jets of water to remove stubborn bacteria, plaque, and food particles.

To best explain its usefulness, we’ll paint a picture: Remember that time a piece of popcorn got stuck between your teeth, and no amount of flossing or brushing could get it out? You were in the bathroom for so long that you were swearing up and down that you’d never eat popcorn again. A water flosser would’ve knocked that piece of popcorn out almost immediately. 

When you have braces, this tool is vital to cleaning all the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in and around all of that metal. If you have clear aligners, it can help keep the mouth squeaky clean so that your trays stay transparent and invisible. For braces and clear aligners, it reduces the risk of health complications that could extend your overall treatment time.

An Interproximal Brush

This one is specifically for braces wearers. If you are ever somewhere and unable to use your water flosser, say school, work, a restaurant, or a friend’s house, an interproximal toothbrush is exactly what you need. This portable tool is small enough to clean behind the wires and between every bracket. It’s perfect for removing food and other particles to keep your breath fresh and your braces clean.

Orthodontic Wax

Whether you just got braces or clear aligners and aren’t used to them yet, or you’ve had them for a while but a spot or two won’t stop bothering you, orthodontic wax is the solution! The removable wax acts as a barrier between your orthodontic appliance and cheek. It provides instant relief by preventing pinching and irritation from friction. Ask Dr. Ryan or Dr. Barry for some during your next visit!

Clear Aligner Cleaning Products

Cleaning your clear aligners is so important. They spend a lot of time in your mouth and can host the same bacteria, plaque, and germs as your teeth and gums. On top of that, unclean aligners also develop a foul smell and taste, which isn’t inviting or pleasant when you need to wear them for hours a day! 

There are many ways to clean your aligners, but we recommend wetting them with lukewarm water, using unscented antibacterial soap, brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush, and thoroughly rinsing them with lukewarm water again. Allow to dry completely before wearing them.

Once a week, you can use the Invisalign Cleaning Crystals if you need a deeper cleaning.

Remember to always ask your orthodontist before using any products or tools on your clear aligners. Harsh products or tools can cause scratches to the surface and make them uncomfortable to wear and more visible against the teeth.

Ice Packs

Your braces or clear aligners are slowly shifting the positions of your teeth, which, truth be told, can be a little uncomfortable sometimes. We recommend applying an ice pack to the outside of the mouth for ten minutes at a time to relieve discomfort and soothe any swelling.


If you play sports and have braces, wear a mouthguard! A mouthguard protects your teeth, mouth, and braces from injury. Your teeth are sensitive when in treatment, and you don’t want any harm to come to them! A face injury could break your braces, which in turn could harm you! Check out our blog post to learn more about mouthguards and sports safety for orthodontic patients.

Products That Can Help During Treatment

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Our team at Booth Orthodontics is dedicated to getting you stunning results with a comfortable experience. To learn more about oral healthcare during treatment and to get personalized product recommendations based on your needs and lifestyle, contact us today to book an appointment. If you are a new patient and want to begin your orthodontic journey, you can book a free consultation with us!

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