Clear Aligners

Invisalign from Booth Orthodontics can give you the beautiful straight teeth you've always wanted — without braces.

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The Clear Way to Straighten Smiles

Invisalign® is a system of custom-made, clear acrylic aligners designed to straighten teeth and align your bite.

Invisalign is far more comfortable than traditional metal bracket braces and can give you more flexibility and the same stunning results.

Each Invisalign aligner is custom-made to shift your teeth into alignment. You'll get a series of aligners designed to guide your teeth with gradual changes.

The aligners fit snugly over your teeth, but you can remove them to eat, drink, brush, and floss.

How It Works

To start your Invisalign treatment, we'll use our impressionless 3D scanner to create a model of your mouth.

Then, Dr. Ryan will create your plan to make your first set of custom-fitted aligners from these images. Once your aligners come in, you'll begin straightening your teeth.

You'll get a new set of custom-made aligners every couple of weeks to move your teeth toward the final desired position. Dr. Ryan will monitor your progress during visits to our Homer Glen office every six to eight weeks.

Treatment times with Invisalign will vary; however, most Booth Orthodontics patients wear the aligners for 9–15 months, with 18–30 sets typically used throughout the treatment.

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Teens Love Invisalign

The teen years are the most common time for treatment—and when we tend to be most self-conscious about our appearance.

Invisalign is the perfect solution for teens in Homer Glen who want straighter smiles without noticeable appliances.

Perfect for Busy Schedules

Invisalign Teen effectively straightens teeth the same way as metal braces.

It's an ideal choice for teens who play sports or instruments, love crunchy snacks like apples and popcorn, or are concerned about the appearance of metal braces at homecoming or in their yearbook photo.

Invisalign with Dr. Ryan makes it easy to manage treatment during the busy school year or a summer of fun since appointments are quick and there are fewer risks for emergencies.


Modern & Affordable

Invisalign is a modern option that helps teens feel comfortable and confident as they straighten their smiles. In most cases, Invisalign at our Homer Glen office costs about the same as traditional braces.

That means you can give your teen a great experience without going over budget.

The Invisalign Difference

Unlike traditional braces, smooth plastic Invisalign aligners don't have metal parts that irritate your mouth. And since you remove the aligners to eat, you won't have to avoid any of your favorite foods.


Things to Consider

Invisalign treatment with Booth Orthodontics gives you more flexibility as you straighten your smile. However, you'll need to keep a few things in mind to make the most of your treatment.

To prevent staining, you must clean your teeth each time you eat before putting the aligners back in place.

You'll also need to keep your aligners clean. Rinse them off every time you put them in your mouth, and gently brush them once a day.

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Learn More About Invisalign

Are you ready to learn if Invisalign is right for you or your teen? Dr. Ryan and the team at Booth Orthodontics are here to help. Schedule a free consultation in our Homer Glen office and get started today.