Save Your Retainers & Your Wallet

Why pay too much for a replacement retainer? For only $880, you can enroll in our Retainer Protection Program. For an entire decade, we’ll replace or repair your retainers. All it takes is an easy $25 copayment.

Orthodontic Treatments Homer Glen


There are a couple of ways to enroll in the Retainer Protection Program. You can pay in full. Or you can split the total amount into four monthly payments of $220 each.

A Decade of Dedicate Smiles

Pay $0 if you need to be rescanned. Having your braces removed? On the RPP, you get an additional set of retainers when your braces come off. You get a total of four sets of retainers per year.

The Fine Print


  • Full Comprehensive Treatment: $880
  • Limited Treatment (1 Arch): $440


  • Removable Retainers ($200 per arch)
  • Repair or replacement of fixed retainers ($95 for repair or $343 to replace)


  • 10 Years
  • Up to four sets of retainers per year


  • $25 copay* required per replacement or repair of removable or bonded retainer
    *No charge for scan needed to fabricate retainers.

All Purchases Final

The Retainer Protection Program is non-transferable, nonrefundable, and does not include fees to correct shifted teeth.

Retain Your Retainers

Retainers help you keep the smile you’ve worked so hard on. The Retainer Protection Program protects your progress in case of unforeseen circumstances. Want to know more? Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Booth.