When it’s time for your next appointment, some things will look different as we make changes to protect you and our team from COVID-19. Safety remains our number one priority. 

Before arriving:

  • Please complete your online pre-appointment health screening form before arriving at our office. We’ll email this to you the day before your appointment.
  • To promote social distancing, adult and teen patients, plan to attend your appointment alone. One parent may accompany young children inside. 
  • Parents or guardians, please join your child’s new patient consultation. Please plan on having siblings stay home.  
  • Please brush your teeth at home before coming into the office. Our brushing station will be closed. 

When you arrive:

  • Our waiting area will be closed. At the time of your appointment, head inside.
  • As required by Illinois guidelines, you will have to wear a mask or face covering into the office. A cloth version or bandana is fine. We’ll have you remove it during your appointment. 
  • We’ll also have you stop at our hand sanitizing station.
  • Once here, we’ll check your temperature. If your temperature is greater than 100.4 or you have other COVID-19 symptoms, we’ll reschedule your appointment and recommend that you consult your physician or urgent care for further testing.

For everyone’s safety, we’ve invested in new equipment and resources for infection control. We’ll be wearing additional PPE, including masks, face shields, gloves and gowns. Please share with your kids that even though some things will look different, our office remains the same friendly and easygoing place you are used to. Underneath our masks are the smiling, caring Booth Orthodontics team members you know and trust!

We appreciate you working with us to ensure the care you and your children receive at our office is as safe as possible. If you have any questions before your appointment, please call or text us at 708-301-0005.