We appreciate your understanding, flexibility, and commitment to progressing your treatment through good at-home care during this closure. You are the best community of patients and families!

Prioritizing your Safety

We continue to be mandated by the Illinois Department of Health to limit in-office treatment only to emergencies. If you experience pain, bleeding or swelling from issues such as a broken appliance or poking wire, use our emergency line to get in touch: 708-971-0750. 

For all other questions, text us at 708-301-0005. Thank you to those of you who have reached out with your questions and concerns. It’s great hearing from you and we’ll keep doing our best to get back to you with answers that same day.

New Services We Can Provide

To stay in touch and keep treatments on track, we’ve made Virtual Appointments available. If you have an appointment scheduled in May, look for a text from us with a link to complete your check-in. You’ll receive this during the week of your scheduled appointment. It’s easy – with six photos, we can assess your treatment progress and advise you on next steps! 

If you’re thinking about starting orthodontic treatment, you can now begin the exam process from home through our new Virtual Consults. We’ll assess your smile and bite and review treatment options to consider.


If you’re running low on rubber bands, we’ve got you covered! Swing by and grab what you need from covered plastic containers on the bench next to our entrance.

We’ve fixed the bug in our Patient Portal (thank you for the heads up, and for your patience). The online payment feature is now working. Moving forward, accessing your account details should be seamless.

Our Guide for Patients includes additional ways to keep your treatment on track from home.

When We See You Again

We’re planning ahead for the day we can see you at the office again. We’re not able to reschedule appointments just yet, but as soon we can, we’ll make additional days and hours available to accommodate you. If you’re in the observation stage of your treatment and decide you’d prefer to receive a progress check without coming into the office, our Virtual Appointments will continue to be a great option.  

We can’t wait to get back to celebrating your orthodontic milestones with you, from starting treatment to getting braces off or completing Invisalign, and all of the great moments along the way that make working with each of you so special! Wishing you and your family safety and good health.