Beginning orthodontic treatment is a very exciting time. One of our primary goals is to make your time with us as stress-free, efficient, and fun as possible. With the expertise of the Booth Orthodontics team, we are here to explain your treatment options at our practice and what to consider when thinking about which treatment you should get.  

Understanding Orthodontic Care

If your dentist provides you with a referral to an orthodontist, you will see an oral health doctor specializing in realigning your teeth and jaw. Orthodontists like Dr. Booth are experts in diagnosing, treating, and preventing bite issues, protruding teeth, malocclusion, crowding, and other common complications. He helps patients feel great about their smile and prevents other potential health issues that can stem from poor oral health.

Booth Orthodontics provides treatments such as braces, Invisalign, and jaw surgery to help you achieve your smile goals and leave you feeling even more confident than when you started treatment. We recommend your first appointment be around age seven so we can monitor your teeth as they grow and step in with simple treatment when necessary to prevent more invasive procedures later.

Factors to Consider in Your Treatment Decision 

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Your time wearing an orthodontic appliance varies due to many factors, including your smile goals, age, current oral health, and appliance choice. On average, you can expect to wear braces or aligners for one to three years. Some patients take shorter or longer than this timespan, depending on the severity of their case. When you visit Dr. Booth for your free consultation, he can give you a better idea of your specific case.

Fitting Your Budget

Our team works hard to find a payment plan that fits your family’s budget to try and eliminate the stress that can come with thinking about the financial side of things. We strive to keep ourselves as an affordable care option for our community members so they can work toward the smile they deserve! During your free consultation, Dr. Booth will walk you through a full breakdown of costs so no surprises await you after beginning treatment. 

Booth Orthodontics works to maximize your dental insurance benefits when starting care with us. Every policy is different, so our team can review your specific plan and file your claim for you! Don’t forget to bring this information to your appointment. Visit our Orthodontic Insurance and Finances page to learn more!

Choosing a Fixed Vs. Removable Appliance

In deciding on your appliance, something else to consider is whether it is fixed or removable. Fixed appliances, like metal or clear braces, are bonded to your teeth with special orthodontic glue at the start of treatment, requiring some changes to your eating and daily oral health care routine to keep them in perfect condition. However, you don’t have to worry about remembering when to take it out and put it back on.

Removable appliances are great for those looking for a subtle appearance while working on their teeth. Patients must keep track of removing and cleaning them to stay on track with their treatment plan and ensure their teeth stay in excellent condition to avoid complications. Our team will be happy to share more details during your free consultation and help you decide which will work better for you.

What Is Surgical Orthodontics and Jaw Surgery?

Treatments Available For Patients

Metal Braces

When you hear orthodontics, you likely think of traditional metal braces. This tried-and-true option is known for its reliability and effective, long-term results. It also is the most budget-friendly option for those looking to fix their teeth. Metal braces have also become much more comfortable and smaller over the years, thanks to advancements in the field. 

As mentioned, you don’t have to worry about removing them at any point throughout treatment. Metal braces are made of brackets, wires, elastics, and other components, placing slight pressure on your teeth to slowly shift them and your jaw into the ideal position. No matter how complex, you can rely on metal braces to reach your smile goals!

Clear Braces

Clear ceramic braces provide an aesthetic alternative with the same trusted reliability as their metal counterpart. They blend into your smile with tooth-colored brackets without worry of staining, thanks to orthodontic advances. Clear braces provide a comfortable feel inside your mouth, so you don’t have to worry about agitation due to friction against your lips, gums, and cheeks.


Invisalign clear aligners are a popular and effective alternative that uses a series of clear trays. These subtle, custom-made trays are worn for 20-22 hours daily and switched out every two weeks as your teeth slowly begin shifting into position. Depending on your lifestyle, this removable appliance may provide more freedom as you don’t need to worry about food restrictions or extra care during everyday oral care.

For teens looking to undergo Invisalign treatment, Invisalign for teens includes a tiny blue dot that keeps track of how long you wear your trays, helping us keep you on schedule with your treatment and reminding you to wear it when necessary.

Corrective Jaw Surgery 

If traditional orthodontics can’t get the job done, jaw surgery may be your answer. Also known as surgical orthodontics, this corrective process involves fixing any severe dental or jaw misalignment. It repairs any signs of crookedness, correcting difficulties in talking, chewing, or simply carrying out everyday activities. The more severe a condition gets, the more one may qualify. While jaw surgery may sound daunting, we assure you it is less intense than it sounds and will provide life-changing results!

What Is Surgical Orthodontics and Jaw Surgery?

Achieve the Smile You Deserve!

Now that you know more about your treatment options at Booth Orthodontics, we hope you feel more confident coming into your free consultation at our practice in Homer Glen, where we also serve the surrounding communities of Orland Park and Lockport. During this time, our team can learn more about your specific needs and provide you with the expertise you seek to make an informed decision. Schedule yours today, and get started on your new smile!