Faster & More Comfortable Treatment

We use the latest technology to make sure your treatment is as fast and as comfortable as we can make it.

Cone Beam CT Imaging

Cone Beam CT is similar to a conventional X-ray machine and the standard CT scans you'd get at a hospital. But, it's a quantum leap forward in technology and diagnostic precision.

For your orthodontist, it offers the ability to see intricate structures inside the head, like impacted teeth,  – in 3D – without surgery. For the patient, it can reduce the need for invasive procedures, shorten treatment time and offer the chance for a better outcome.

The detailed diagnostic images provided by our CBCT make it an essential tool in our modern, high-tech orthodontic practice. At Booth Orthodontics we use an i-Cat CBCT.

The radiation dose from this high tech imaging is actually less than the panoramic and cephalometric digital radiographs routinely used for orthodontics.

Digital Dental Impressions

For years, whenever you needed a retainer or orthodontic appliance, we'd need to take a mold (impression) of your teeth. An impression uses a goopy, putty-like material that was uncomfortable and caused the patient to gag.

We use an impressionless, digital dental molding (iTero® scan). A scan is made using a small, handheld wand that uses a digital camera that takes thousands of laser photographs that are reconfigured into a 3-D dental model.

iTero Scanning allows 3-D digital study models at the beginning of orthodontic treatment for diagnostic evaluation.

We also use iTero scanning to model your teeth for Invisalign. No need for dreaded, uncomfortable impressions.

How this Technology Benefits You

  • Say goodbye to the goop, gagging, discomfort, and anxiety you've experienced in the past with traditional dental impression materials
  • This technology is ideal for fabricating study models and Invisalign aligners
  • It takes less time than traditional dental impressions

Digital X-Rays

It's almost impossible to imagine the practice of dentistry without X-ray technology.

Radiographs (X-ray pictures) allow dentists to diagnose and treat problems not yet visible to the naked eye, including early tooth decay, gum disease, abscesses and abnormal growths.

Now, state-of-the-art digital X-rays make this technology even safer and better.

X-Rays and Your Safety

While digital technology has minimized the health risks of X-rays, it has not entirely eliminated it. We minimize this risk by using lead aprons for all X-ray images.

We understand our patients' concern with X-rays and assure you that we only take them when absolutely necessary.