Digital Dental Impressions


Itero.For years, whenever you needed a study model, retainer or orthodontic appliance, a mold (impression) of your teeth was made.  An impression involves a goopy, putty-like material that was uncomfortable as it causes patient gagging.  At Booth Orthodontics we use an impressionless, digital dental molding (i-Tero scan). A scan is made using a small, handheld “wand” that employ a digital camera that takes thousands of laser photographs that are reconfigured into a 3-D dental model.

i-Tero Scanning allows 3-D digital study models at the beginning of orthodontic treatment for diagnostic evaluation. In addition, i-Tero scanning is used to model the teeth for Invisalign. No need for dreaded, uncomfortable impressions.

How this technology benefits you

  • Finally, you can say goodbye to the goop, gagging, discomfort, and anxiety you've experienced in the past with traditional dental impression materials!
  • This technology is ideal for fabricating study models and Invisalign aligners.
  • It takes less time than traditional dental impressions.